Other Safer Sex Methods

One way to have safer sex is to only have one partner who has no sexually transmitted infections and no other partners than you. But, this isn’t always the safest kind of safer sex. That’s because most people don’t know when they have infections. They are very likely to pass them on without knowing it. Another other reason is that some people aren’t as honest as they should be. In fact, about 1 out of 3 people will say they don’t have an infection when they know they do, just to have sex. So most of us have to find other ways to practice safer sex. Another way to practice safer sex is to only have sex play that has no risk — or a lower risk — of passing STDs. This means no vaginal or anal intercourse. Many of us find that great sex is about a lot more than a penis going in a vagina or anus. It is about exploring the many other ways you and your partner can turn each other on. Not only is it a way to discover new sexual pleasures, it’s also safer.

No-risk safer sex play includes

  • masturbation
  • mutual masturbation
  • cybersex
  • phone sex
  • sharing fantasies

Low-risk safer sex play includes

  • kissing
  • fondling — manual stimulation of one another
  • body-to-body rubbing — frottage, “grinding,” or “dry humping”
  • oral sex (even safer with a condom or other barrier)
  • playing with sex toys — alone or with a partner